We are highly skilled professionals who tailor e-commerce solutions for small and medium size businesses. We enjoy a large clientele from around the world and are often accessed for intricate solutions.

Threatening Fact

About 84% of users abandon cart before buying

Why Do You Need Experts!

Ecommerce solutions doesn’t just comprise of product management and sales. It could be as extensive as possible to automate your entire online store operation right from inventory, to delivery. An Ecommerce solution should be capable of handling Product Management, Cart, Checkout, Discounts, Coupons, Shipping, Taxes, Customers, Logistics, Delivery, and CRM.

E-commerce Analytics is a biggest game changer when the sales is growing. Abandoned Cart Management is essential to increase sales, Reports says about 84% of users abandon cart before purchase and Abandoned Cart Management helps them sell to about 25% of users.

Ecommerce infrastructure is one of the most important thing to take care of when you are expanding your online store. Polyglot approach might be required to get your Server Infrastructure, Ecommerce Solution, BI or Analytics work together hand in hand.

Readymade solutions are great if you already have experience managing them and the sales volume is lower. Tweaking of readymade solutions like Magento, Woocommerce or creating custom solutions is required if you are targeting to make your online store bigger.

E-commerce Solutions are now in Your Affordability!

We offer Magento or WordPress based content management solutions for e-commerce purpose. Our e-commerce solutions have high-end features to make sure they work best in most challenging environments. We offer a complete solution by developing extensions that will be required for your requirement. We provide affordable solution that just fits your needs to make it really affordable. If you are startup looking to setup online store as your business our affordable solution and recommendations will get you started quickly.

Most e-commerce solutions offer:


Website management

Marketing solutions





Order management

Customer’s accounts

Catalog management

Analytics and reporting

Catalog browsing

Are you Ready to have Most Efficient E-commerce Solutions for Your Organization?

We offer our services in:

Responsive Design

The market for responsive designs is ever increasing because such a design ensures your website reaches perfectly to the viewer. We have highly qualified and experienced team members who are proficient in CSS3, HTML5, and BootStrap. Our e-commerce solutions offer the easiest graphical interface to the viewers.

Data Transfer

No matter how old your previous records are, we are here to provide secure data transfer without any data loss. Our services are for Magento Community as well as Magento platforms and we transfer,

Order history

Customer information


Development features

Reward points

Special products

Content pages to CMS

Custom functionalities

Design migration

We are professional Magento and WooCommerce developers who can migrate your current design to platform that will suit your needs.

Transfer to Magento Community and Enterprise

Magento Enterprise incorporates several features to increase sales and it gives you needed information about your customer base. We provide secure transfer for your information and data from old Magento platform to their new versions.; Magento Community to Magento Enterprise, Magento Professional (old Magento platform) to Magento Community and Enterprise and from Magento Go (old Magento platform) to Magento Community and Enterprise platform.

Functionality transfer

Our e-commerce solutions have all the functionalities you wish to transfer from your old system. No matter, how custom these functionalities are, we do it for you!

Additional services for Magento
We offer

Server configuration and optimization (Nginx, APC)

SOLR search engine configuration for Magento

Our Most Popular Services with Their Features!

Following is a brief account of our most popular services and their features.

Ⅰ. Storefront (100+ themes, mobile commerce friendly, easily editable HTML and CSS, highly customized, highly efficient content management system)

Ⅱ.Shopping cart (secure cart with 70 payment gateways, free shipping, checkout available in multiple languages, recovery of lost sales data, flexible shipping rates, automatic tax deduction)

Ⅲ. Store management (management of profiles and groups, fulfillment centers, drop shipping and refunds)

Ⅳ. Marketing and SEO (SEO, site map, discounts, social media integration, reviews, gift cards, email marketing)

Ⅴ. Products (efficient inventory management, product variation, and organization, SEO tags, downloading of digital products, import/export using CSV files)

Ⅵ. Web hosting (unlimited bandwidth, backups in secure systems, unlimited email forwarding, level 1 PCI compliant, SSL certificate for increased security)

Ⅶ. Analytics (on dashboard about product and export reports, Google analytics, traffic reports)

Our e-commerce solutions are liked and appreciated by our global clients. Feel free to contact us to know more about e-commerce solutions.