Have you updated your Facebook Apps, No FQL support anymore


With the release of Facebook SDK version 2.1 Facebook pulled out support for FQL. If your apps are using FQL you may considering upgrading with the new SDK immediately in order to not lose your app users.

While FQL is deprecated, new FB sdk has many new features that helps app developers to¬†give a great experience to their users. I have given the Facebook SDK v2.1’s features which I think are really awesome.

  • New total friend count on the friends connection
  • New App Insights API
  • A new format for Graph API Field Expansion: Make multiple graph API calls in nested fashion, this is a developer friendly option. To make it simple, this will let the app get more details about a user or something with one Graph API query
  • The Page object now has a new screennames edge: for non Facebook accounts which are just brand pages

Facebook recommends upgrading to version 2.0 to avoid broken experiences on the mobile Facebook Apps. Check the link for more details

Some important links

https://github.com/facebook/facebook-php-sdk-v4 – PHP SDK